Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Projects and Plans

    School has been out for a couple weeks, but the mess I left in my room is still bothering me. So I went back up this afternoon and started sorting, one shelf at a time -- and I now have 2 bookcases that are looking better.

                                                       This is how it looked before...

                                          And this is how it looked after a complete reorganization!

     I am such a pack rat -- it is really hard to turn loose of things that I might need someday. And there are still things on my shelves that I have never used. But I will keep working on it -- I am determined to get rid of the piles of books and games and worksheets, and put everything in a place where I can find it.

    It was very satisfying to have this big stack of empty baskets at the end of the day. Notice the clock -- it wasn't really 6:30 -- but it was 5:30 before I left. I need many more hours to get through the rest of the room and if I wait until August, there will be meetings and workshops and class lists and more than I can do.

   I also got my husband in on the plans -- he came up and measured and drew diagrams on the board to show me how he will make my latest Pinterest idea -- he is the BEST!!

   If I retire next summer, what will I do with all my time??

    When I am not at school, I am still thinking about school.  Besides gathering ideas from blogs and Pinterest, I am doing  book studies with 3 books this summer.

    I have used this guided reading book some, but I really want to use it more this fall, so I am following the bloggers who are writing about this one.

 I have also read the CAFE book before, but I am really hoping for a smaller class so I can actually use some of the ideas from the sisters who wrote this book.

I have successfully used some ideas from Whole Brain Teaching this year, so I was excited to see a book with all the "how-to."

I really do plan to enjoy time with my family, work on my house, memorize some scripture, learn some new songs, and take some long naps this summer -- even go to Charleston, SC for some beach time, carriage rides, and pralines before school starts again. 

 I'm also learning to cook healthy meals again -- after too many fast food suppers -- and even agreed to do the "Run for God" program with my daughter ( WALK for God would be more believable).  I am so thankful for this long summer, because my list is long!  If I didn't have to waste time going to various doctors, I might get everything done!

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