Friday, June 28, 2013

Clip chart update

  My husband came home today and saw the glue and scissors in my hand --"What Pinterest project are you working on now?" When I showed him my latest attempt at duplicating something cool I had seen, he said, "What are you going to do after you retire next year? ". I have wondered the same thing, but I am sure I wil think of something!
   I have used a clip chart for a couple years now as a behavior system, and the one I had was faded and sad looking.  I looked around on Pinterest, ans saw lots of fresh new ideas.  So I went to good old Dollar Tree to see what they had. I found some honor roll certificates with a cute owl on them, and that was my inspiration -- and what I was cutting out when my honey came home. I found the pretty card stock on sale at Michael's yesterday, so here is my new clip chart,all ready to be laminated.

So since I had all this pretty paper, it looked like I could see if I could fancy up the organizer that I got at Lowes -- after seeing it on -- where else? Pinterest! Now I will be able to find things -- especially my remote! Isn't it lovely?

My husband, Sam, got involved in my other project. He finished it today and I will post a picture when we take them up to the school next week. I love how I can show him a picture and he can figure out how to alter it to fit my vision. He made my book barn 2 years ago and painted my polka dotty bookcase last year. We celebrated our 39th anniversary this week and I appreciate him more every year!

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