Thursday, June 27, 2013

2 years and 20.000 hits

        I just realized today that it has been 2 years exactly since I entered the world of blogging-- it's my second blogiversary!  And here's the most exciting and surprising part -- as of today, I have had over 20,000 pageviews or "hits" on my blog!! That is just incredible to me, especially because this includes readers from all over the world -- Russia, Japan, India, Australia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Germany, Latvia -- I don't even know where Latvia is, but thank you for looking at my blog! 
       I have no delusions about being a great writer, but it has been fun to be part of this world.  I actually got to meet Dr. Jean and Heidi Butkus, 2 of the teacher superstars I follow.  And I have had comments from other superstar bloggers as well, and it is a great honor and thrill to find out that they read my little blog and actually took the time to write a comment!
       So, thank you to all who have read -- and especially those who comment.   I feel like Sally Fields when she said "You like me -- you really like me!"
        Wish I had a cake to share...


  1. Great picture of you and Judy .

  2. God Bless you & Ms. Austin! Yall are AMAZING!! Hopefully I'll be bringing my nephew to yall every day next year!

  3. Thank you both for your encouraging comments -- I have enjoyed writing and it is always a plus when someone takes time to comment!


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