Monday, November 3, 2014

Field Day -- What Happened to October?

      What happened to October??  Seems like we just had time to carve a pumpkin and make bats and it was over!  Making a jack-o-lantern was lots of fun. The children voted on the shapes to use and all but one stuck their hands in to pull out the yucky stuff before I started carving. Afterwards they drew pictures and wrote in their journals.  Unfortunately, the inside got all moldy before Halloween, but it made a really creepy looking decoration for trick or treaters!




            I am really pleased with the progress the class is making with their writing.  Look at this --
    capital letters and lots of words spelled correctly.  She even wrote 2 sentences!! And in case 
    you can't read kid writing, that says "Bat Woman."  She did this with no help!

     We also used the pumpkin theme to make math more interesting..  We were doing lots of practice on counting to 20  and recognizing numbers to 10 last month. The next goal will be counting to 30 and writing numbers in the teens.  



      We enjoyed seeing the creativity of the family jack - o - lantern project -- some really put a lot of effort into making pretty pumpkins.  Here's one with lots of color.


     And then, as if Halloween and thoughts of trick or treating was not exciting enough, we had Field Day!  Here are a few pictures of all that fun.






    The sack race looked like so much fun that Daniel's mom tried it too!

             This boy really knew how to kick that ball!

       All ready for tug of war.  The teenagers who were running the event told them to line up boys vs. girls -- but since we have 14 boys and only 5 girls, that didn't quite seem fair...


   We all had a wonderful time, and I appreciated having a few parents there to cheer them on.
And it was not all about winning, since we didn't give out trophies or ribbons -- it was all about FUN!