Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut


 I have been so disturbed today by the news of another school shooting.  This one seems worst of all, because it involved a kindergarten teacher and her class.  Ever since I started blogging, I have felt a connection to other kindergarten teachers around the world . We share ideas and plans and problems and solutions -- sometimes taking a peek into each others classrooms and lives. I think that is part of the reason why this has touched me more than usual.  My first thought was -- I wonder if she is on my blog list?  And I have pictured how incredibly horrible it would have been to see your son at your classroom door with a gun, shooting at all the little ones in your care. I can't even image, really -- but my heart goes out to all those involved in this great tragedy.  It is so very, very sad.


  1. I couldn't agree more. It was only about 45 minutes from me. I love my kids like my own. Such a tradegy.

  2. Such a sad sad world we live in now. I had parents emailing me asking if I had heard the news - I had not. I checked our local television station's webpage and there it was - I immediately responded back to the daddy and told him I would do all I could to protect his baby girl. My heart breaks for the families of those precious angels. So glad I am can rely on God for strength through this. As you said, we through technology seem a little closer to one another through blog sites, etc. She was one of us. Praying for them all right now.
    Thanks for posting.


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