Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What did you do in kindergarten today?

When you ask,"What did you do in Kindergarten today?" and the answer is "Nothing..."
Here's what they really mean --
Read the morning message together and practiced the words "Dear Class" and "Love, Mrs. Spencer"
Found out the difference between a word and a letter.  Counted letters in a word.
Said the pledge to the flag
Listened to stories/poems -- "I Love my White Shoes" and "Rocking in My School Shoes" and "Mary Wore Her Red Dress" and “Jazzbo and Googy”
Sang and learned motion to several songs
Practiced air writing Pp and Qq and heard a song and story about Peter Puppy and Quarrelsome Queen
Sorted long and short names
Explored math stations and learned 4 ways to show the number 7
Learned about the calendar and named days, months, and seasons
Cut and glued pictures beside their first sound
Practiced saying the rules of the classroom
Practiced 3 ways to read a book
Visited the library and learned the procedure for checking out a book
Found out about different voice levels in the classroom
Colored a picture of Golden Girl and tried to stay in the lines
Used a whiteboard and markers to write
Sang a song about counting to 100
Practiced reading and spelling "red" “the” and “go”in a song
Walked quietly in a line
Carried my own tray, said my number and ate lunch in the lunchroom
Cooperated with a partner to use math manipulatives
Told the teacher which letters and sounds I recognized
Sat in one spot and read a book quietly for 3 minutes
Compared shapes to see how they were alike and different
Went to the gym for PE or art or music or computer lab
This is NOT your mama's kindergarten!!  There is a lot to learn this year, and you will be amazed at all they will accomplish in the next 169 days of school!


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    1. Yes, that would be the answer for one, for sure -- in fact, he took two naps -- one while the other 25 were jumping around him and singing.


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