Friday, August 24, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

Blog Hoppin;

   It's Therapeutic Thursday at "Blog Hoppin" -- teacher/bloggers are sharing their favorite ways to relax after a busy/stressful day at school.  And since it is Thursday, I am just back from my weekly therapy -- my  A Capella chorus rehearsal. Nearly every Thursday since I I started teaching  kindergarten about 9 years ago, I have left all thoughts of school and housework behind to concentrate on learning and performing barbershop style music with Carolina Style Chorus. This group of about 55 women gathers together for friendship and beautiful harmony -- and laughter -- as we strive to ring those chords and and prepare for performances and competitions.
  I was so tired this evening after spending the day "herding cats" as my friend said -- 26 little boys and girls can wear this 60-something teacher down! I don't think anything but chorus could have kept me from spending the evening on the couch.  But I know my chorus is expecting me -- and depending on me -- and I will be energized by the end of the evening.  There will be someone behind me rubbing my tired shoulders -- several asking about my week and my class -- someone bring me stickers or prize box toys, and the 4 part harmony that fills my heart. It is my favorite night of the week!
   We love to sing together just for the pure enjoyment, but it's also fun to sing for an audience.  One of our favorites is singing Christmas carols at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

  At the last regional competition, we won first place, so we are busy preparing to go to the International Competition in Colorado in a couple months.  How exciting is that?  Not only will we get to dress up in sparkly clothes and rhinestone earrings and false eyelashes, but we will get to sing on stage for an audience of thousands!  And there will be applause and cheers -- something we don't get much of at school .I love my chorus!!



  1. I so can relate to this post- I am in my middle 50's and certainly get asked how my kinders are and if I am herding cats in September. I don't know how many I have just now but I am sure I am pretty close to that many students-
    Hope you have a relaxing time at choir - I will go back to school next week - I will need to quilt more than ever.
    Warmest regards from Western Canada,

    1. I have absolutely no sewing skills, so quilting would NOT be relaxing to me -- but I love the quilts I have received from friends and family over the years. I certainly admire your way of relaxing!


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