Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost Ready!

            I am almost ready for kindergarten to start!! Just a few things left on my to-do list...
  1. Write 26 names on labels for...
  • cubbies, 
  • planners, 
  • poetry notebooks,
  •  desks, 
  • literacy notebooks, 
  • book baskets
  • nametags
  • word work folder
  • journals
  • math journals    
  2. Copy for parent folder
  • introductory letter
  • Donor's Choose permission
  • scavenger hunt
  • permission to post pictures on Internet
  • supply list
  • class schedule
  • parent information sheet
3. Post class list
4. Make schedule
5  Sort all those boxes on the table
6. Cut out and laminate more stuff
7. Set up fish tank and bring fish to school
8  Change book barn display -- put away end of year books
9. Gather books to read for first week of school
10. Make playdough
11. Set up 10 math stations
12. Put names on birthday poster
13. Find "How We go Home" poster
14. Put books in individual book baskets
15. Write rest of lesson plans
16. Make homework folders 
17 Finish powerpoint for "Meet the Teacher" tomorrow night
18. Get "Bucket-filler " book from library and do bulletin board in hall -- if we have time.
19. Make new class helpers chart with polka dot pockets
20 Write names on clothespins for clip chart
21 Write names on sticks for job jar
22. Turn barn around so kids won't play inside
23 Charge batteries for camera
24. Activate ESGI account and enter names on line
25 Label baskets to collect school supplies

       Hmmm -- looks like the "optional" work day on Friday may not be so optional after all... I know I'm forgetting things...
26. Fill bird feeder outside the window!


  1. Thanks for the reminder list! Hope you get it all done. Do you have an assistant?

  2. Yes, world's best assistant! We got most done that had to be done before open house tonight -- but Friday is NOT optional for me -- I have too much left to do. I had 23 of mine show up tonight -- that's all but 2 from my class list. Lots of sweet ones -- I'm looking forward to Monday! What about you?

  3. Headed to my room sometime today to move furniture AGAIN! I think I know now how I want it. There must be 2 World's Best Assistants because I have the other one - :-) God has blessed me with a great Christian lady to work with and she is awesome! Got my list of kids yesterday and right now I have 21 but the office registers one about every day -
    We report to work for workdays on 20th and kids begin the 27th -
    Are you at a charter school/private school or year round?

    I took your words of encouragement and started a blog - it is very lame right now but it's a start. It will be for any and everything not just school stuff. Hardest part was what will I write for my first blog....
    Good luck today - you can do it!

  4. I am not sure what to do on this blog thing as I am a newbie - could you check mine out and let me know what you think so far - thanks! http://deckersdoodling.blogspot.com/

    1. Your blog is NOT lame -- I am proud of you! One thing to think about -- I find it kind of annoying to have to "prove" I'm not a robot before I can comment. My blog did the same thing when I started. You have to change the setting to get rid of that.
      And I love your Pinterest stools!

  5. Not sure how to do that or to allow people to follow. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks for your help and input. Good luck on Monday!

    1. Go to Settings -- then Posts and Comments -- and set "verification" to NO to get rid of the robot. I don't know about the "Followers" -- it just magically appeared.


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