Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

over at Step into 2nd Grade is having a linky party so we can get to know some of the bloggers we follow -- and maybe meet some new ones. Since it is after midnight, I'm taking the lazy way out and just editing my "Meet the Teacher" blog from last year.  There are SO MANY new bloggers that probably no one read this one last year, anyway -- I think I had about 3 followers when I wrote it!
 I am joining in because I want to know more about some of these teacher/bloggers who take time to share so many wonderfully creative ideas.  I thought -- surely they are all single/childless -- with no life other than teaching and blogging.  But I see that many of you have families and churches and mission trips and vacations, etc. -- so I still don't know how you do it all!!
  Tell us a little something about you...
    I am Ann Spencer, and I  just jumped into the blogging world last summer. My daughter said last week, as I was singing a little kindergarten song -- "Mom, do you think about school ALL THE TIME? And I said -- "Well, sometimes I think about singing..."  My husband -- a man with many skills -- retired last year, and that has given me more time to think about school because now he helps me a LOT! He built this great book barn for me after I saw it on Reagan Tunstall's blog. And this summer he is painting polka dots for my new room theme.

Since all you young teachers are putting in wedding pictures, I thought I/d add mine, too.
My parents, 3 brothers and their wives -- and my nephew is the little one in the front.  He is now a school principal. My husband was wearing his Army uniform -- just back from flying helicopters in Vietnam. I love a man in uniform! This was 1974 -- before most of you were born!
How long have you been teaching?       I graduated  from West Virginia University -- "Let's Go, Mountaineers!" -- a very long time ago, and started my teaching career in WV at a 3 room school -- 2 teachers, a teaching principal, and a custodian/cook -- entire staff of 4 women.  Taught 3 more years, then moved to NC when I married my soldier husband.  Worked as school librarian for 2 years, then moved to Alaska where I stopped teaching school and started being a stay-at-home mom.  Except for one year teaching at a Christian school, I took 27 years off as I followed my husband to NC and Germany and back to NC. I home schooled my 3 kids for 17 years, then I went back to work 9 years ago when I got the best job in the world -- teaching kindergarten!! I am probably the oldest kindergarten teacher on here, I can't help it -- I am having too much fun to be ready to quit.  When I started teaching, there were no computers, no assistants, no whiteboards, no Daily Five or Common Core -- not even cds and videos.  We had filmstrips and chalkboards and wore a dress every day.  I also had a big paddle -- and I used it. No one checked our lesson plans -- it was a whole different world.  We didn't even have KINDERGARTEN! I have certainly had a lot to learn -- but at least I knew the difference between Kennedy and Lincoln, unlike some of my students.
You might not know...
    I sing bass with Carolina Style Chorus -- Sweet Adelines International, an organization of women who love to sing barbershop style.  My chorus won the 4 state regional competition, so in October we will perform at the International competition in Denver, Colorado. Woohoo!!

     I've been on several mission trips --  met my husband on the first one!   I have been to Ukraine twice and helped with Bible school for about 200 gypsy children a few years ago.
What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
1.  Individual whiteboards -- I can see what everyone is doing at once!
2. Jack Hartman and Heidisongs and my CD player -- I loaded my favorites on the mp3 player last summer -- then accidentally deleted them all.  I'll try again this summer so I hope I won't waste time searching for the right song this year.
3. Transparent page protectors -- saves lots of paper.
4. Books!  My newest favorite is about Pete the Cat.
Even more important than all the supplies in the world -- my fabulous assistant!  I'd go back to that 3 room school with no supplies before I would give up "Mrs. Awesome!" 


  1. I am not doing any spelling test either! I love your barn! I love it!

  2. I was alive in '74!! Love the wedding picture. :) And I love Pete the Cat too.


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