Saturday, August 20, 2011

Four Goldfish, a Toad, and a Snake -- Oh My!

     I've been working in my room for 2 days now -- and got a glimpse at my new kinders this morning.  When we had kindergarten screening last spring, we took pictures of the kids dressed up in cowboy clothes. Today I got my class list, so I printed the pictures and my dear assistant made each into a "WANTED" poster for our door.  They look so cute!  T'm really looking forward to meeting them at Open House on Tuesday.
    Yesterday I cleaned the extra aquarium and planned to take it to school, fill it with water and be ready to take the 15 cent goldfish back to my classroom.(I bought these feeder fish nearly 2 years ago, not expecting them to live long -- but I was wrong.  Only the expensive fish die.)  Anyway, my daughter rescued a toad from our dog last night, so I put it in the clean aquarium.  Then I got out the old plastic aquarium, planning to transfer the toad -- but now my husband has caught a little ring-neck snake, so it's in the plastic one.  Tonight I bought worms at Wal Mart to feed them.  I am not usually comfortable with a snake in the house, but this little guy is smaller than a night crawler, so not too threatening.  My daughter says you can tell school is starting, because our house is starting to look like Dr. Doolittle's.  I don't plan to keep all these creatures long -- just long enough for my kinders to learn about them.  I just hope I can keep them alive long enough for that to happen!


  1. How great that you have classroom pets, I've never been quite willing to go there. :-) I bet the kids love it though!

  2. I always have fish, and usually an anole in the spring, and an occasional box turtle for a week or so -- but this is the first time I've had a toad or snake. I'm not much interested in a long term commitment with reptiles, but I might keep the toad for a while.!


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