Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What did you do in kindergarten ?

What did you do in kindergarten? (Day 2)

When you ask,"What did you do in Kindergarten today?" and the answer is "Nothing..."
Here's what they really mean --
  • Read the morning message together and practiced the words "Dear Class" and "Love, Mrs. Spencer"
  • Found out the difference between a word and a letter.  Counted letters in a word.
  • Said the pledge to the flag
  • Listened to stories/poems -- "I Love my White Shoes" and "Rocking in My School Shoes" and "Mary Wore Her Red Dress" and "No, David"and "Humpty Dumpty"
  • Sang and learned motion to several songs
  • Practiced air writing Aa and Bb and heard a song and story about Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben
  • Sorted long and short names
  • Explored math stations
  • Learned about the calendar and named days, months, and seasons
  • Practiced saying the rules of the classroom
  • Learned 2 ways to read a book
  • Visited the library and checked out a book
  • Visited the computer lab and learned to use a mouse
  • Found out about different voice levels in the classroom
  • Colored a picture of Annie Apple and tried to stay in the lines
  • Used a whiteboard and markers to write the letter "a"
  • Practiced reading and spelling "red" in a song
  • Walked quietly in a line -- at least we tried to be quiet!
  • Carried my own tray and ate lunch in the lunchroom
  • Cooperated with a partner to use math manipulatives
  • Told the teacher which letters I recognized
  • Went to art class
  • Made a school bus for the bulletin board
  • Played on the playground
  • Told stories about our pets
  • Went to the gym for PE
  • Glued a poem in my poetry notebook
  • Started making friends
  • Wrote my name on my papers
  • Made a Pete the Cat hat
This is NOT your mama's kindergarten!!  There is a lot to learn this year, and you will be amazed at all they will accomplish in the next 177 days of school!

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