Friday, August 29, 2014

Well, It Is a Start!

One week down, and we are starting to see progress!  The first few weeks of kindergarten are really challenging -- so much to learn! But they can say the rules and most can write their name.

They know that 3 blasts on my whistle means to run for the line when playground time is over. They've learned some songs and poems, and did a good job on sorting shapes and writing a - d on the whiteboards. They love markers.

The line for the bathroom is endless, and it is so hard to keep 16 boys quiet in the hall, but we will keep practicing until they are able to do it. Might take all year....
few know all the letters and most sounds of the alphabet. But some don't know a single letter. So next week we will try to do some small group reading activities -- making words with those who are ready, and teaching the letters and sounds to those who will need a lot more help. It always amazes me to see such a gap in the readiness level at age 5.

So, if you have never heard of "Daily 5 and Read to Self" -- let me say that it is almost magical to see all these little children  begin to sit quietly and look at their basket of books.  We track their stamina on a chart, and today, the second day, they were able to sit quietly on one spot and keep their eyes on the books in their basket for 4 minutes. FOUR MINUTES is a lot for a little child. But I have confidence that they will make it to 20 minutes before too long. Then we will be able to work with small groups while the rest of the little ones will practice reading and writing independently. Glorious day when that happens! It won't happen this week for sure, but one day, one day.....

I am thankful it is Friday! And thankful for the opportunity to teach one more class of sweet little kids  -- hope I am able to keep with them!!

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