Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Days and Make Up Days

Here in the south, where the tall pines grow
I'm watching my woods fill up with snow.
The snow is still pouring-- this weather is rare.
We can't wear flip-flops with this chill in the air!

We cleared the store shelves -- no milk and no bread
And turned off the alarm beside the bed.
There's no school tomorrow, we get to sleep late!
That sounds really good -- but not actually so great
'Cause we have to make it up and I don't know when.
If they take our spring break, it will be a sin.

It's fun to stay home and watch the snow fall.
We made snow ice cream --can't go to the mall.
But if spring break is cut short-- no break until June
Well, I think I will sing a different tune.
The song will be sad and slightly off key
The words you will hear are "Oh, woe is me!"
The woods are lovely, dark, snowy and deep,
But "make up days" make me want to weep!


  1. You are an Awesome Lady

  2. I love your poem! It speaks for all of us!

  3. Thank you all -- when you can't go to school or go to Wal-mart -- write a poem! It is snowing AGAIN! I may never get out of my driveway...

  4. Lets publish this poem and sing the tune, I'll be your manager!


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