Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red, White, and Blue and Chocolate, Too!

          After missing three days last week because of snow, we have been busy this week celebrating Valentines Day and Presidents Day. It's hard to get everything in, but I did think it was important to spend some time learning about American and the flag.  Thanks to TPT and Pinterest, it is easy to integrate writing, reading, social studies, and art! These flags were easy to do -- well, for most of the kids -- some tried to make vertical stripes -- and they make a great bulletin board.

        I used the writing paper created by Deedee Wills to help them write some sentences about the flag, and I am real proud of the writing some were able to do.

     Don't drop the flag.
     It is on the moon.

     I love to see that they are remembering to leave spaces between words, use capitals and periods, sound out words and spell a lot of words correctly. That is a lot to learn in 100 days of school when you are only 5 years old! And they actually remembered some of the facts about the flag, even though it didn't seem like they were listening much...
    As I was reading to them about our country, one of my little boys shouted in a very excited voice, " My mom wasn't born in this country -- she's an ALIEN!!" It was so funny! 

      We exchanged Valentines on Monday and that is always a special day in kindergarten.  They thought it was great to get all those cards -- especially the ones with CANDY!  Me, too -- especially a chocolate apple for the #1Teacher!

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