Monday, May 13, 2013

The End is in Sight!

We have 8 and 1/2 days left. Three of those days don't count, because we have a field trip to Tweetsie, and Field Day, and Graduation. That means 5 actual days of school. Subtract the last day and a half, because most of the kids won't come back after graduation next Wednesday. That leaves 4 actual days together. It has been a long year, and I think we are all ready for a break -- I have never had so much tattling and whining and TALKING! It seems worse, I think, because I have an ear infection that has made me almost deaf in one ear for a week now.
Here's the to do list as of now:
1. Finish the math Assessment -- it is taking an eternity to give individually to 25 kids
2. Score the writing assessments
3. Write out the Student Support documents for the 4 or 5 who are below grade level.
5. Do the evaluation for the college student who worked in my class this semester.
6. Find the $17. Mistake in my receipt book.
7. Figure out what awards to give each child and write out certificates.
8. Enter grades for report cards
9. Enter scores on county schools website.
10. Find all library books.

Okay, I am getting stressed out and that is just the beginning of the list.
On the other hand, I Am very pleased that all but one child scored at grade level -- "benchmark" on the DIBELS assessment. That is HUGE! We have come
a long ways together, and I have done all I can do to get them ready for first grade.
Please, God, don't let me have such a big class next year!

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