Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Happens in Kindergarten...

One of my kinder moms gave me this little "What Happens in Kindergarten Stays in Kindergarten" shirt -- and a lot of that is true.  But sometimes it is just too good to keep to myself, and this was such a day.  It is assessment time in schools everywhere, and I've been busy with the DIBELS assessing this week.  I finished today, and I am overjoyed to announce that except for one child, EVERYBODY made benchmark. For my non-teacher readers, that means they have reached the goal set for them and have a good foundation for future success in reading. Some made such huge growth that I was doing the dance of JOY!  One of my very lowest ones scored almost the highest in phoneme segmentation -- I just had to call her mom and tell her how happy I was so see her progress.  My assistant has worked so hard to give extra help to the ones who have struggled all year -- and their parents have really worked with them at home -- so I was thrilled to see that their hard work has paid off.

  It has taken a village to teach these little ones, and it hasn't all been fun -- but the rewards are great!

It is also the time of year that I get sweet notes that I can actually read!

Just when I get them to a really good place, it is time to get ready to say goodbye.


  1. Hey i know who wrote tht. And who gave u tht shirt.

  2. See, you never know what will turn up on my blog!!


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