Friday, January 18, 2013

Going and Going!

 Another week of trying to do assessments every time I can squeeze them in -- I am about tired of doing assessments!!  I just want to teach!  But they have to be done by the 25th, so the end is in sight!!
  Today I called a little boy over to do the reading assessment, and he took a look at the book and said, "I can't do it'"  After words of encouragement he started, then picked up speed as he realized that he COULD do it.  He spread his arms and said "I don't know what happened -- but I can go and go!!" I explained that it was a good fit book -- and that he should always choose good fit books !  I love it when it clicks for a kid -- and they realize that they can go and go -- and read!
   The 100th day of school celebration has been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, since we had a snow day today. That's really good news for me, because my assistant, "Mrs. Awesome", has an appointment and wasn't going to be there that day. The bad news is that we have to go to school on Saturday to make up the snow day -- major bummer!!
   Anyway, I've been thinking about all the things we have done in the past -- and eliminating some because it's just too hard with 26 kids.  We have the hats ready -- I borrowed this picture from Pinterest since I forgot to take a picture of mine.  "Mrs. Awesome" made them.

 I have my copy of my favorite 100 day book -- The Wolf's Chicken Stew.  It's about a wolf who is trying to fatten up a chicken by feeding her 100 treats every day.  I plan to take my griddle and make 100 mini pancakes to feed my little chicks.  They always LOVE that.

  And of course, I will read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day. 
   And, like the book, we will make a paper chain with 100 links, build things with 100 blocks or Legos, and write about what we would buy with $100.  We will probably hunt for 100 chocolate kisses to put on the 100 chart and write numbers to 100.  And I will check out the ideas I have on my Pinterest board and look at TPT for some fresh ideas.  But that is part of the fun with kindergarten -- ALL the ideas are new to them!
   And after all the fun -- there are only 80 days left to get ready for first grade!


  1. Our 100 day is this coming week too! I can't wait to celebrate, but shew getting everything together takes a lot of time. Those hats are so cute!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

    1. Yes, all the preparation is another reason I am glad to have an extra day. I'll be staying after school on Tuesday to get everything ready for the celebration on Wednesday. After the 100th day, I will take 20 links off the paper chain and we will start the count down. Love the hats -- and the 2 high school students that helped with them!

  2. You sound like an amazing teacher!! I love the idea of hunting for 100 Kisses. Those hats are ADORABLE. And how magical you witnessed a child discover he can read. I was a teacher's assistant in a Parents Day Out with 3 year olds for a few years - it was hard work and definitely rewarding :)

  3. The magic moment when they realize they can read is the BEST! Earlier this year I had another one shout excitedly "I CAN READ!" I love that! And when a mom told me that she cried the first time her son read a story to her -- PRICELESS!
    I look forward to reading about your adventures in Europe as well.


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