Wednesday, January 23, 2013

100 Days of Kindergarten

 One hundred days -- Hooray!! What fun we had celebrating today! It was fun to take a day off from the regular routine and celebrate our accomplishments.  Look at some of the great collections they brought it this year.

                                 We made hats -- the girls were happy to model their creations.
                                          Something new this year -- building with 100 red solo cups.
                                         This was my favorite activity -- lots of belly laughs!
                                          And our other favorite part -- a 100 piece snack!

        We ran out of time -- and no one was very hungry after all that, so we will save the 100 pancakes until tomorrow.  I read "The Wolf''s Chicken Stew" and we made a connection to the "Three Pigs"and expanded vocabulary to include "craving" and "scrumptious" -- and they burst into spontaneous applause at the end of the story.
      Now tell me -- in how many professions -- other than acting and professional sports -- can you get applause on a regular basis?  I love my job!!


  1. i love all the ideas for their 100 day projects!! and i also had a great time spending the day with the class! :)

  2. Skylar had fun doing her project and it was cool seeing all tha kids ideas and all tha stuff u had planed for them.


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