Monday, March 19, 2012

Leprechauns and Mo Willems

    It is amazing to see the improvement in my kinders writing skills in recent weeks.  A few months ago they could barely write their own names, and now many are asking for a second and third sheet of paper because they can't fit their story on one sheet!  Last week was St. Patrick's Day, so of course we were reading and writing about leprechauns. They were working away, but when I started reading the stories, I was a little dismayed to read, "If I cot a leprechaun, I would kil it.  And eat it." I was actually horrified, but tried not to show it -- I just said, "I think we need to talk about this a little.  You see, it would be VERY BAD LUCK to kill a leprechaun.!"I explained a little more, then asked if he would like to try again.  Here is the improved version of the story.
It says, "If I cach a leprechaun, I would take caer [care] of him.  I woud not eat him."
That was a relief!!

Another great thing is happening in my class in the next picture.  My kids LOVE to read.  They can't wait to get finished with assigned work so they can get a book to read.  I bought some new Mo Willems books about the pigeon as well as a few more Elephant and Piggie books last week. It didn't take long for the children to spot them, and before I knew it, a whole group had gathered on the carpet to read the books. I couldn't resist taking a picture -- it looks like a commercial for Mo Willems. I love it!! I love how the Daily 5 procedure teaches them to sit in one spot and read to themselves. And I am so thankful for fabulous authors who keep writing books that help me grow kids who love to read.
Even with a few challenges, this has been a great year.  I will be sorry to trade this class for a new group of beginners who don't know how to write their names! But for now, I am sure enjoying my job!
If we didn't have to assess and assess and write report cards and progress reports and go to meetings, it would be even better!!

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  1. LOL! You did your job saved a kid from killing his leprechaun! That's a hoot. Thanks for sharing!


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