Friday, September 9, 2011

Clip Chart

I love my new clip chart for behavior management.  I've used a stop light with magnetic cars for the past 7 years, and I liked it a lot. The cars were moved for bad behavior. But this one is an  incentive for extra effort, since everyone is aiming for OUTSTANDING behavior at the top of the chart.  With my previous system, most followed the rules, and that was good.  But this clip chart recognizes the "Bucket Fillers" -- the children who are helpful and show kindness to others.  When a teacher notices and comments on a child's good behavior, their clip is moved up. And clips can be moved up and down throughout the day, so one infraction can be reversed with a little effort.  It just makes the children more aware of ways to help others in our little community of learners. In only 10 days of school, I've seen children voluntarily pushing others on the swings, picking up paper towels from the bathroom floor, taking responsibility for picking up crayons and toys, pushing in chairs for others, and lots of other little random acts of kindness. My favorite part is that the whole class CHEERS when a classmate gets up to "Outstanding." Thanks to my co-worker, Mrs. Franzen, for telling me about this system -- and to all the blogging teachers who have "filled my bucket" by sharing so many wonderful ideas this year. 


  1. I just laminated my clip chart- love the positivity of it...Can you share your rewards/consequences for the end of each day's behavior results? Thank you!

    1. That's the beauty of this! At the end of the day, anyone still at the bottom gets a "time-out note" to take home for parent signature. Anyone at the top gets a special pencil that says "My teacher is so proud of me." I draw a line on the clothes pin. If they get 3 lines, I add a jewel (Sticker from the Mighty Dollar store.) That's it! I keep a notebook where I write info about the time-out notes, and keep the notes in a file to share at conference time -- or before. If they move up -- but not all the way -- they get lots of praise or a cheer from the class. But I don't give any rewards or notes. Easy peasy! Works great, and saves the time I used to spend giving out "happy notes" at the end of the day.


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