Wednesday, December 31, 2014

After Christmas Sales


          Tomorrow is the beginning of the new year -- 2015 -- and I have one more day at home before I go back to work. Friday is actually an optional work day, but I want to get all the Christmas stuff put away and get my classroom ready for January, so I plan to be at school.  It has actually been a little weird to go to the after Christmas sales.  I walked through Walmart today and saw that all the Christmas stuff was 75% off. I paused in front of the stockings -- I usually buy about 25 of them when they go on sale so I will have them for next year's kindergarten class. But next year I will be retired, so I don't need to buy anything.  Not ANYTHING for my class.  I found that I don't hardly know how to shop when I  am not filling my cart with things for my class. I don't need a new Christmas shirt because there will be no little kids to enjoy it. No New Christmas story books for next year. I still have half a year to teach, but I am already starting to feel a little lost.  I mean, I WANT to retire -- I have other things to do and maybe I will finally be able to get my house cleaned up when I get rid of all the teacher books and supplies that fill baskets and shelves and boxes and closets. But I haven't exactly figured out who I will be when I am not "Teacher."  I have a few months to figure that out though -- and lots of teaching left to get my kids ready for first grade.
          HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. you really will be missed! you have been an amazing teacher, friend, and supporter! May God bless you on your future journeys.


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