Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Survived the Field Trip!

             Today we went  to the apple orchard on our first field trip, and thanks to some great parent and grandparent volunteers,  I think almost everyone had a good time! The bus ride was kind of long, but we sang lots of songs and that made the time go by faster..
            First off was a trip on a wagon pulled by a tractor through the apple orchard. We saw apples growing on dwarf trees and bigger trees and even some baby trees.

    After the wagon ride, we went in to see the conveyor that graded the apples as peewee, small, medium, and large. We found out that the best apples are sorted to be sold, the slightly bruised ones are squished for cider, and the rest are called deer apples because they are fed to the deer.

    After we saw the cider mill, we were able to taste a cup of cider and some apples.  We even got to choose 6 apples to take home with us. Then they let us go in the cooler room where they store the apples. It was COLD!

     We had a picnic lunch, then got on the bus for the trip back to school. Everyone had a good time except for one of our little friends who had an ear ache. He was in great pain, and he cried until he finally fell asleep on my lap. I am so grateful for the moms, grandma, and a dad who came along to help.  
     This is  one tired teacher now, but I am sitting at the eye doctors office, waiting for my eyes to dilate so he can finish the exam, and trying not to fall asleep. Tomorrow we will write about our adventure at the orchard


  1. Looks like everyone had lots of fun, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for allowing me to join you and your class on this trip. I am so blessed to have had this time with my grandson. All the children were delightful.

    1. Thank you for coming and especially for helping try to comfort our little one with the earache. It would have been a difficult situation if we didn't have parents and grandparents to help.


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