Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things A Kindergarten Teacher Says

  Since some of my readers will never spend a day in kindergarten, I thought I would share what you might hear.  Some days are a little crazy.  
"Have a seat.  Have a seat. Have a seat. "
Get you fingers out of your nose and go wash your hands.
Get your hands out of your pants and go wash your hands.
Do not crawl under the stall -- now go back under there and unlock that dook.  Wash your hands.
Line up.  Line up.  If you can't  be quiet, you will all have to go back and sit down.
I like the way some of you are standing so quietly!!
I love you, too.
If you would stay in your seat, you wouldn't spill your food.
Who does this belong to?
I'm sorry, but you can't get another library book if you didn't put yours in the book basket.
Listen when others are speaking, especially your teacher!
We don't play guns at school. No, not swords either.
Do not throw rocks!
You know all the ABCs? Yay!!
What is the month? No, Monday is a DAY - see d-a-y day.
You wrote a sentence! I am so proud of you!
What is that rule about hands???
What a good helper! Thank you for picking up that mess!
Yes, I can snap your pants.
Yes, I can tie your shoe, but please ask someone to teach you to tie your shoes.
If you didn't scratch your scabs, you would not be bleeding.
Go get a tissue.
What a good job of reading! Was your mom happy when you read that to her?
You know all the color words! Wow!!
A new student? Oh, come on in -- you can sit here......sigh.....
It is time to start more assessments? I just finished the last ones!
Don't forget your field trip money.
Name on your paper!
Again? You just went to the bathroom 20 minutes ago!
I love you, too.(more hugs) now go sit down.
No, it isn't time for lunch. I promise I will tell you when it is time for lunch. Don't ask again.
Just a minute -- I'll get the mop. 
I called your mom. Go sit by the trash can until she gets here.
What stinks? (I only say this inside my head)

Oh, what fun. Sometime I can't get a complete sentence out.
Today I have a -- stop that! -- a story about -- get your hands off him -- a story about a -- I love you, too, but go sit down -- the story is about -- 

But, they are learning! Somehow, with all the craziness and interruptions, they are learning to read and write. Today I talked to them about using details when they draw a picture, and I was so tickled when one drew himself and made stripes on his drawing to match his own shirt. And I am seeing sentences. And some are sounding out words and using sight words in their writing. 

Through it all, I still love my job. I love opening little eyes to a whole new world of words that gradually make sense -- I love the random hugs that I get all day long -- I love to sing songs and tell stories and teach poems -- I love being able to look across the room to my assistant and know that she knows what I am thinking. And I love when the bell rings and the last child is loaded on the bus.  I am blessed.


  1. I had to chuckle! You captured my day, too!

    1. I think we all say some of these same things! Hope you are having a good year.

  2. Oh this is good like a 20 minute time block in Kindergarten and then it repeats! You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! Yes, over and over, all day long. I cant find your blog -- are you still writing?


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