Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dollar Tree Treasure Hunt

         I promise I was just stopping in Dollar Tree to get a fly swatter and a paint scrapper!  But of course I had to look down a few aisles, and looky here! Pete the Cat's shoes! And although I already have about 10 boxes of eraser manipulatives, I couldn't pass these up.  And then I saw this squishy caterpillar, and I knew I had to have that -- it will be great to pass around when we read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." It's also good for wiggly kids to hold while they are trying to sit still.
      And craft sticks! I'm going to make new sight word sticks for my "Bang" game -- the ones I have are so grimy from many, many hands playing that very popular game.
       Oh, and a little tiny bag of Lindt truffles was calling my name...
       While I was in the neighborhood, I stopped in Walmart and found some plastic name tag holders -- my others have been chewed and curled, besides having food dripped all over them. 
         So, I came home and quickly made a game frame for Pete's shoes. Just roll the dice and put that many shoes on the footprints -- good counting practice at the beginning of the year. They will also be used to make patterns, sort, add and subtract.  
          I stood and admired all the colorful baskets and tubs that could hold crayons, pencils, etc. -- and met another teacher who was doing to same thing -- but we decided to hold off on buying new containers.  After all, we ARE  on vacation and not hardly thinking about school at all... Really!

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  1. that is never change. going into a store and spying items.that you can use in your classroom. even after you retired, you will see things that, the young girl at church, who is in her 1st or 2ND year of teaching could use. so you but it for.her. you just learn not to shop at those stores. but you have 1, maybe 2 more years to teach? just enjoy the dollar store until then!


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