Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wearing the Green and Wishing for Spring

     "I am tired of winter days,
Being cold and wet and gray..."

       That's the beginning of a poem I will teach tomorrow.  This is the longest winter I can remember since I moved to North Carolina about 25 years ago.  Who would believe that we would have a two hour delay because of ice on St. Patricks Day?
         Between more delays and  still more assessments, we increased our "global awareness" by learning about Ireland and St. Patricks Day.  This is a special day for me, because 25 years ago I gave birth to my son -- and life has never been the same! He is studying to be a chef, and that yummy creation was my birthday cake!

         We had a guided drawing of a leprechaun, thanks to Heidi Butkus, to illustrate the "Leprechaun  Pie" poem added to the poetry notebooks. I have no artistic ability at all, but I can follow Heidi's directions and I think my little artists did a great job..

          The kids also made big leprechauns to decorate our room -- I think this patten came from Heidi, too.

           Finally the kids wrote stories about catching a leprechaun.  I am so glad to see them leaving spaces between words so I can easily read most of the stories.

      "I will catch a leprechaun with a mouse cage."
   Love the ending ..."and that was my story."

       Why do the children always spell chrap when they mean " trap."?  We start on the "r" blends next week.

     The best part of the celebration was the Leprechaun Pie made by Mrs. Austin. I forgot to take pictures, but it was a big hit with the whole class.

             Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and I sure am hoping for some sunshine! We have started studying about plants this week.  I have Lima bean seeds soaking so I can show them the seed coat and the little shoot that will be growing.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I love this! I love the guided drawings, the big leprechauns, the personal touch and the stories. Thanks for sharing!


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