Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day!

       What a crazy morning!  We started out normally, with morning message and Letterland phonics, then off to gym class. We have been studying about penguins this week, so I continued  the study by reading 2 books about penguins and letting them tell which was fiction or non-fiction, and how they could tell.  Then the principal walked in to tell me that we would let school out at 12:30 because of the snow.  I looked out the window and could barely see some tiny white flakes.  So -- flexibility is my specialty -- so I decided this would be a good time to use all those toilet paler rolls my friends donated. So my assistant -- always ready for my change in plans -- quickly assembled the materials we needed to turn the rolls into cute little penguins. She worked with about 6 at a time while I helped the others work on a writing assignment about penguins.
      The second group was working on their penguins when we got an announcement to go eat lunch because school would be dismissed in 15 minutes.  FIFTEEN MINUTES?  We had 15 minutes to finish gluing, pack up book bags, eat lunch, put on coats, and get to the bus. The snow  was coming down faster than expected and sticking to the roads, so everyone was in a big rush to get to the safety  of home. My kids have never moved that fast before -- usually it takes about 30 minutes just to eat lunch.
        Anyway, we made it. Everyone got out and there actually was some snow on my car, so I guess it was good that we sent them all home.

I think I will make a pot of chili and watch the birds at the feeder. The snow is still pouring down and I have no place to go, so LET IT SNOW!

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