Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fire Safety

It's Fire Safety Week, and I have a few pictures to share.  When I was a little girl, there were some children in my town who were killed in a house fire -- they were playing with matches and then hid in a closet when a fire started.  It was tragic and for this reason, I always try to really emphasize the dangers and safety procedures that they need to be aware of.
There are lots of books to choose from, but one of my favorites is Stop, Drop, and Roll.

  The kids always love the fire hats we give out every year during this week.

But the highlight of the week is the visit from the local firefighters.  They bring that big red firetruck over and let the kids see inside.  They tell them all about fire safety and answer all their questions.

This is a great inspiration, and they were eager to draw a firetruck and write in their journals. some even wrote sentences that I could read! 

It is funny -- the children have no sense of space at this time of the year.  Very few can remember to leave a space between the words, even though I demonstrate every day, sing the "I Need A Space" song, and put my finger down to show a "finger space" or a "meatball space" again and again.  But it will come --  it is still early.  Very few get the concept of writing on the lines, either -- but we are working on that, too.  I have to remember that most could not even write their name just a couple months ago! 
They were eager to share their "stories" and I love watching them grow as writers!


  1. Awesome post! Great to teach them fire safety while they're young!

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