Thursday, August 22, 2013

Class of 2027 -- Are You Ready?

    Tomorrow is the big day -- I will meet the children and families who will become the focus of my year.  I am excited about having the opportunity to teach a much smaller class than last year's 27 -- we only have 16 registered so far, and that sounds wonderful. I hope to open their minds to a whole new world, and build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

    I've been busy all week getting everything in my classroom ready.  I am so glad to have the resources available from other teachers who share their great ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers.
I used a tri-fold board to make a new writing center combining resources from about 4 different people -- I think it looks great! It will give the kids lots of options as they practice writing.

I also made some anchor charts using Kim Adsit's ideas for launching the Daily 5 and guided reading groups-- here's one I made this week.  I am putting all my anchor charts in one chart tablet so I can find them when I need them.  Within a few weeks, I hope to have the whole class trained to "read" books independently for at least 15 minutes. This doesn't mean they will read the words, but if I do it right, they will be able to stay engrossed in their baskets of books as they begin the process of learning to read the words.

   I had to make one last trip to Wal-Mart after work today -- I realized that I didn't have any environmental print for the first letter of some of the names I will work on.  I was lucky enough to find an empty Kool-aid box on the shelf -- I needed a word kids would recognize for the letter K.  I still needed L and N, and no more empty boxes.  So I bought a box of Nilla Wafers -- my husband was happy to empty that box for me. For L, I chose a box of Life cereal.  Is there anyone besides a teacher who goes grocery shopping just to get the box??  Anyway, I have done all I feel like doing tonight, so I am propping my feet up for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I get to start the job of making a difference in some lives -- I feel blessed!


  1. Best wishes for the upcoming school year!

  2. Glad I have the chance to be back in your class room again this year!

    1. And I am happy to have you, too! Will you be available to volunteer in the classroom any this year? Thanks for bringing Ricky in to meet me today at Open House.

  3. yes I will try my best! I keep a 4 year old too during the day. So just let me know!


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