Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick -- Will There Be Cake?

It's always a shame to have a holiday on the weekend -- and here comes another one. St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday. So those cute little green socks I bought will be wasted --- I am definitely not wearing them to church!
One of the advantages of teaching kindergarten is that they are so excited about EVERYTHING and nearly everything is brand new to them. We started with a chart about the things they wanted to know. You notice that the first -- and last -- question was about cake. Great question for any occasion -- "will there be cake?" We have been busy with assessments this week, so not much time for making crafts, but they did write stories and draw some cute guided drawing pictures, thanks to directions from Heidisongs.

I love it when they write stories that I can read without a translator.  Several of mine are able to write a few readable sentences now.  And if I could just get a few more to remember to leave spaces between the words, there would be more good stories.  We have sung the "I need a space" song many times, but I think they just get excited about getting their story down on paper and don't think about spaces.  But they are getting better!

  This one really shows that he is getting more details in the drawing, as well as showing evidence of comprehension.  He put boots inside the trap, because our story said that leprechauns like to make shoes for fairies.

 Obviously we haven't worked on the /tr/ sound enough, because trap is spell "chrap" -- that's always a hard one for kinders to get. --The  /tr/ is spelled with chr, and /dr/ is usually jr -- like jress instead of dress. But I am very proud of the progress they are making.
 And no holiday is complete without hats -- thanks to Smedley's Smorgasboard!

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