Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins and Singing

 It is the end of October -- the month just seemed to whiz by!  Just a few more days before we change gears to learn about some American history, turkey, and about being thankful.  Friday I carved the pumpkins after we voted on the shape of eyes, nose, and teeth. Glad it wasn't anything too complicated -- my carving skills are not so great, even with my handy-dandy little Pampered Chef carving knife!  The kids all took a turn scooping out the yucky stuff.  Here are s few helpers; 

I will miss Halloween this year -- I am flying to Denver, Colorado for the Sweet Adelines International competition on Tuesday  This is the a capella chorus I sing with.  -- we are competing on the International stage for the first time, and I am excited!
                                                       Carolina Style Chorus
You can actually watch the competition this year from your own computer.  We are contestant #21 on Thursday evening around 6:30 --  I stand near the middle of the second row.
My Sweet Adelines chorus, Carolina Style, will be competing on the International stage in Denver, CO, this week. There is a live webcast for those of you who might enjoy some good ole barbershop. The webcast will begin on Tuesday with the Harmony Classic, but we will be competing on Thursday at approximately 6:24 NC time (EDT). The webcast site is: It will take you right to the link (click on the arrow in the word 'Sweet') and enjoy!CSC

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