Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another kid-written morning message

I love to see what my kids write for the morning message.  At this point in the year, I am surrounded every morning by several kids asking to write the morning message. Here's the translation for this one:
"Dear boys and girls,
This is Thursday.You will go to gym.  We will go outside but it depends on the weather.We will read about a leprechaun.
Nation Roberts"
When you consider that most couldn't even write their names a few short months ago, this is pretty amazing. And I love seeing them excited about writing. I love my job, especially in the spring!!


  1. Only a loving teacher or sweet momma could decipher all those words! But I know you are so proud of them. I have kept so many little letters my children wrote when they first started learning phonetics. Of course, I can read every "word" but others just stare at the page as I interpret. So thankful for teachers who have you!

  2. You are too sweet!! I loved watching the progress and excitement of my is the thing that made all policy poopiness seem like a small pesky fly. I loved that part of my job!!! Thank you for sharing your pride and your students' amazing success!!

    The 3Am Teacher

  3. Thank you, Sherry and Michelle -- before blogging, I sometimes had to walk down the hall to find someone to show a great piece of kid-writing. Now I can share it with anyone who happens to find my little blog. My writers make me so proud!


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