Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A rewarding day -- mostly...

 I've been trying to get my kinders to write sentences for a while -- most can manage one or two -- rarely more.  But I was happy today to finally see them get excited about writing. I've been teaching them about labeling their pictures for a couple weeks -- and after the brief snowfall yesterday, I pulled out a snowman picture I'd been saving for this very occasion.  We carefully labeled it -- scarf, carrot nose, hat, eyes, etc.  Today I asked them to use the labels to write "How to Build a Snowman." And wow!  They really got into it!  When the first child asked for a second sheet of paper, it really inspired the rest of the class.  Soon I was giving a second, third, and even a couple asked for a fourth page!! Now, I know they write BIG letters -- but it almost became this wonderful competition to see who could write the longest story.  And considering that most couldn't even write their name just 100 days ago, this is pretty incredible. The stories weren't great -- "First poot on the eyes, thin poot on the carrot nose.  It is orange," But I was almost doing the dance of joy as I was stapling 4 pages together.  I love these "breakthrough" days when they start to "get it".  Even the struggling little one tried really hard -- even though he just wrote a string of letters, he filled the page, and that is progress.
    On the downside, one kid used the scissors today to cut a big hole in his shirt.  Guess I still have work to do...


  1. Sounds like some good snowman building directions to me!

  2. Hi Ann
    I just found you and am your newest follower. Writing can be a tough one that's for sure. But you gave me a good laugh -- out loud on the shirt. My first year teaching - I taught preschool and it was like slow motion. A little girl took her hair and cut her bangs all the way to the forehead. I was horrified. Come visit me sometime. ;o)
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